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How to Refer a Professional

Getting Started

First, create your referral account. You will be able to manage this on the same virtual dashboard you use to track your customer and patient sales.


Find Your Referral Link

Here is what your dashboard looks like. On the far left side is navigation for your dashboard.

> Select “Programs”

*Note: If you are not currently enrolled in our Professional Pro Program your navigation may say “Assets”. If you are enrolled in both the Pro Program and the Professional Referral Program, you will have an option to select “Programs”.

> Select “Professional Botanicals Professional Referral Program”

This will take you to your referral link. You can copy the link, email, or share via the social media icons. Once your referral clicks that link, their account will be tied to you ongoing.

*Note: Your Professional Referral Link and your Duplicate Store urls are DIFFERENT. Make certain you are sharing the correct link for the correct purpose.


Customize Referral Link

Navigate to the top right dropdown labeled “advanced”. From there towards the bottom of the drop down is stated “Permanently change your referral code”. Click the pencil icon to edit and create your own.

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