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Our carefully crafted blend of essential oils works synergistically with the WP Detox to provide a comprehensive cleanse. We provide detailed instructions along with empty capsules for convienience.

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Stay hydrated and manage swelling in your feet, hands, and legs with this specially formulated supplement. Our blend supports healthy water distribution and usage, urine flow, and weight management for optimal body function.

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Patty D on Jun 13, 2023

"I've been taking this product for at least 20 years and I'm 80 now. I tried several different things for menopause and my hot flashes and all of those crazy things that happen to you and it was awful and this is the only thing that worked."

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Leona Weir on May 11, 2023

I have noticed that my vision is starting to become more clear, and I specially notice a difference when I go outside. I like that this supplement is gluten free. I love to learn about nutrition and I was happy to see that I recognized all of the ingredients in the label. I can honestly say that this is a premium quality supplement based on the ingredients alone.

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Deni H on Dec 01, 2021

"In this crazy world of health "unknowns" I'm so happy to have this product working with my body to help keep me going strong. The seasons change, light changes & I feel like I can better face the world strong and healthy."

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Felicia L on Apr 12, 2023

The BCT oil has been such an amazing ally in many challenging situations. From toothache to ear infection. Just placing a drop or two onto a q tip and dabbing on tissue near the irritation. It penetrates the tissues cleaning and soothing the affected or infected area. To nip any bug starting in the nasal cavity/ sinus I do the same thing. Throat as well!

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Tiffany on Dec 29, 2022

Great quality product and high quality ingredients, it helped my mom and I with detox and digestion, everything is top notch every time.

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Laura B on Apr 05, 2023

I'd had the most awful cold and even had been on an antibiotic for it, with no change. I felt like I was going to break a rib if I coughed once more. My doctor pulled out Lungs Mucus and said take this, along with Viral Aid and Co-Resist. It saved me and we're still taking it almost 30 years later. It's mine and my husbands regimen that we can't live with out.

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