Pro Account Terms and Details

Welcome to Professional Botanicals. To offer you our best pricing and a personal store there are some criteria that must be met to maintain an active account.

Upon the anniversary of account creation each year there will be a review of your account to verify there was order activity. There is no dollar spent minimums, but you must have placed an order for yourself or your business in the past year.

Professionals are required to sell at retail pricing. You may mimic any specials or discounts Professional Botanicals is at the time currently offering. You signed a contract to uphold this agreement and if breach occurs, legal action may be taken.

Selling Channels & Offerings

We have a few different options to allow you to start selling product immediately, or to help you create your dreams. We also reward our resellers with pricing levels based on volume.

Every Re-seller is subject to re-evaluation 90 days prior to the beginning of the calendar year. We will increase your pricing level the following month when quantity volume has been reached.

  • No Minimums
  • Must have made order in past year to remain active
Professional Plus
  • $2,000 Monthly Volume
  • Additional 10% discount
  • $10,000 Monthly Volume
  • Additional 10% discount

Welcome to your virtual store.

Register and create your custom url for your duplicate store. Refer your customers or patients to this site using a link from your current website or other media. When a purchase is made, that customer is tied to your for life. This allows the customer to make purchases at any time and you’ll still receive a portion of that sale.


  • No Inventory
  • No Website Management
  • No Merchant Fees
  • No Collecting Sales Tax
  • We Manage Customer Service, Returns, and ongoing Marketing
  • We Manage Fulfillment, Shipping and Warehousing
  • Customer has Personal Account to View/Manage:
    • Order History
    • Subscriptions
    • Order Tracking
    • Account Details
  • You Get Paid Monthly

Personal dashboard to manage your store.

  • Analytics and Tracking
  • See Sales and Purchases
  • Customize URL
  • Digital Marketing Assets

Create Duplicate Store

Have any professional friends or colleagues who may be looking for a product line to carry?

Recommend Professional Botanicals and if they decide to carry our line we will reward you with 5% of every purchase they ever make. This means any inventory or online purchases personal or for business. This is an easy way to increase your earnings while helping others use incredible products.

How it works?

Simple. Complete registration and use your referral link to have your friends apply for a professional account.

Get Step By Step Instructions Here

What is Drop Shipping?

When a product is sent directly from Professional Botanicals to the customer without going through the reseller. This method is effective when you would like to sell Professional Botanicals products (along with products from other manufacturers) on your current store front but don’t want to purchase upfront inventory.

Example: Customer places order on reseller website. Order is fulfilled by Professional Botanicals and charges order amount (reseller pricing level + shipping cost + fees) directly to reseller.

  • No Start up Fees
  • No upfront Inventory Cost
  • We Manage Fulfillment, Shipping and Warehousing

If this is an option you’d like to setup, please contact us:

Make our products your own.

A private label product is defined as a product manufactured and distributed through Professional Botanicals Inc. that is labeled for sale under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer. We can also provide branding and package design. This option requires volume minimums. We also offer warehousing and fulfillment options.

If this is an option you’d like to setup, please contact us:

Have a product you want to offer and just need someone to formulate and produce? We can help make that dream a reality.

We work with you to design and formulate a product that’s market ready including branding and package design. We also have the capability to warehouse and fulfill orders for you which simplifies your process. A contract-manufactured product is defined as a product manufactured by Professional Botanicals that is outside of PBI’s current product line. This includes but is not limited to custom products formulated, manufactured, or custom packaged by PBI for distribution by a third party company.

Up Front Cost

Whenever a product is produced outside the scope of professional botanicals product line, a capital investment of labor and materials is made by Professional Botanicals. In order to protect this investment Professional Botanicals has deemed it necessary to require payment before order fulfillment.

  • A 50% Deposit to be paid at time of order
  • Remaining 50% balance to be paid upon completion of order

Minimum Order Requirements

  • Product: 100,000 Caps
  • Powdered Product: 500 Kg

Custom Formulation

  • $1,000 non- refundable deposit required before start of formulation project
  • Deposit to go toward final purchase price

Custom Packaging

  • Customer is responsible for cost of “custom” packing materials
    • Cost of these materials will be invoiced up front
    • Cost’s will be deducted from final cost of product

If this is an option you’d like to setup, please contact us:

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