Water Balance
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Water Balance

Water Balance

Water Balance

  • Water Balance Support - 60 ct
Supports the body's ability to balance intra and extra cellular water content.

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Backed up urine in the bladder can become painful and detrimental to your health. For the body to utilize water properly, it must enter the inner parts of the cell. This ensures you stay hydrated while reducing the risk of swelling in the feet, hands and legs. Water Balance supports the body's ability to stimulate its cells, which causes water to be evenly distributed where it’s needed. It supports the body in promoting healthy urine flow, weight loss and symptoms of incontinence, gout, morning sickness and water retention. This formula also supports the body in cleaning cells in the kidneys so water can move through them more easily, which allows the kidneys to more easily absorb needed nutrients while staying hydrated. Water Balance is a proprietary blend of ingredients like Birch Leaves, Dandelion and Juniper Berries, all of which support urinary and kidney health. 

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