Mineral Complex
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Mineral Complex

Mineral Complex

Mineral Complex

  • Essential Minerals Support - 90 ct
Essential vitamin and mineral support for a healthy body.

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Our diets have rapidly evolved over the last 100 years with the advent of fast, cheap, convenient food options. People do not cook at home as often, and Americans eat out an average of five times a week. Because we do not consume whole, natural foods as much as we should, our bodies lack essential vitamins and minerals. Minerals are necessary for essential chemical reactions, like energy production, in the body. Poor vitamin and mineral intake can wreak havoc on your body. Tooth decay, gum disease, scurvy, anemia and brittle bones are caused by insufficient intakes of vitamins and minerals. Professional Botanical’s Mineral Complex is naturally formulated to supplement the diet with a broad spectrum of trace minerals. This formula contains minerals originated from ancient composed sea life and are living products rather than rocks. This complex is a medicine cabinet essential for maintaining good health and overall wellness.

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