Immu Cell
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Immu Cell

Immu Cell

Immu Cell

  • Immune Support - 60 ct
This unique formula supports the body in building and strengthening cell-mediated immunity.

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Our body’s health begins with its smallest parts: the cells. Every single part of the body, from the brain to the toes is made up of cells. The body contains trillions of individual living cells, and they represent how healthy or unhealthy we are. For cells to work properly, they need vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Immu Cell’s formula supports the body's cellular immunity. Based on a special blend of Chinese herbs, our cell-specific formula also contains micronutrients essential to proper immune function. Immu Cell is a synergistic blend of ingredients that supports the body's immune system and cell regulation. The formula is made from herbs found all over the world, including Brazil, China and Japan.

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