Start offering our entire line of products for purchase or subscription online in a matter of minutes!

Send patients to your own online Professional Botanicals store through our brand new virtual option.

Slide Save Time, Money & Hassle Eliminate Start-up Costs No Need to Carry an Inventory

Slide 1 Once enrolled, you are provided a personal dashboard and link to your Professional Botanicals Store. You can customize this store link, see number of clicks, view customers, orders, conversions and payouts all from your virtual dashboard. 2 Use your link however you'd like! You can add a clickable banner or menu item from your existing website or use the library of virtual assets we've already built for you to promote your store on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email and more. 3 Once a patient completes an order from your store, they are your patient for life. This means 30% of any purchase they make on any device now or in 2 years is then paid directly to you from your selected payout method.
(Venmo, Paypal, ACH, Store Credit)
SEE THE DEMO How it Works

Slide How We Help See the Demo We have already made a library of banners and images ready for your website or social media platforms. If you want more help, just ask! We Make It Simple computer Website
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through setup and implementation.