Sample - Sleep Eaze
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Sample - Sleep Eaze

Sample - Sleep Eaze

Sample - Sleep Eaze

  • Sleep Support - 3 ct
Supports the body in achieving a deep, restful sleep. Contains 3 capsules.

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We all have those sleepless nights when counting sheep doesn’t quite cut it. Professional Botanical’s Sleep Eaze is designed to support a deep, restful sleep. Our specialized formula supports minimizing tossing and turning, while supporting your body in relaxing. Our all-natural ingredients, such as Valerian Root and German Chamomile, contain properties that support you as you unwind and loosen up. Worried that you’ll be a walking zombie the next day? No need. You won’t experience the groggy, hazy, loopy side effects that traditional drugs tend to have. So toss those good-for-nothing sheep out of your bedroom and reach for the support you really need: Sleep Eaze. 

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