Omega 3 Marine Lipid
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Omega 3 Marine Lipid

Omega 3 Marine Lipid

Omega 3 Marine Lipid

  • High EPA/DHA Support - 90 ct
Omega 3 Fatty acids that support the body in promoting eye health, brain development and skin cell regeneration.

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Getting enough omega 3s is essential for human development. Because omega 3s contain essential fatty acids, if we do not consume enough, we can experience dry skin, brittle hair and nails, moodiness or inflammation. Essential fatty acids are fats that the body does not create itself, and must be ingested from a diet or supplement. Professional Botanical’s Omega 3 formula is high in EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids required for important biological processes. It supports the body's ability to sustain heart health, immune function, mental acuity, cholesterol and triglyceride health, cellular health and normal tissue activity. One of the biggest benefits of Omega 3 is its ability to support skin cell regeneration. This is especially important for older people, as skin becomes thin and easily bruised with age. Omega 3s are also important for pregnant women to take, as they support fetal brain and retina development. 

Omega 3 Fatty acids support the body with healthy heart function, and healthy cholesterol levels.

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