Metal Detox
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Metal Detox

Metal Detox

Metal Detox

  • Metal Detoxification - 90 ct
Supports the body in eliminating the accumulation of heavy and toxic metals.

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We are exposed to heavy metals much more than we realize. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use. These metals can accumulate in your brain, kidneys and lungs, causing health issues for these organs. Metal accumulation can also adversely affect the nervous system and heart, resulting in impaired cognitive function. Avoiding toxic metals is tricky, so the next natural step is to detoxify and cleanse your body of them. Metal Detox supports the body in removing the accumulation of heavy and toxic metals. Metal Detox combines powerful ingredients that support our bodies in getting rid of metal buildup, which may then support disease prevention and elimination of unpleasant symptoms that affect quality of life.

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