Ion Min Clay - Mineral Clay Powder 2lbs
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Ion Min Clay - Mineral Clay Powder 2lbs

Ion Min Clay - Mineral Clay Powder 2lbs

Ion Min Clay - Mineral Clay Powder 2lbs

Supports the body's nutrient-rich diet for overall health and wellness.

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Life evolves from the constant changing of one thermal element to another. This idea is especially meaningful when it comes to Ion Mineral Clay. When water high in silica, iron and magnesium enters into sedimentary basins, the process of producing clay begins. These elements combine with deposits already in the basin area, and clay formation takes place. The clay used in Ion Mineral Clay is harvested from desert areas where temperatures are high and water is scarce, thus ensuring the composition has high concentrations of essential minerals.

The benefits and usages of Ion Mineral Clay are astounding, proving that healing can be effective when using resources provided by nature. It can be externally used to support the body's ability to soothe burns, boils, sunburns, diaper rashes, cuts, wounds, blisters, mosquito bites and bee stings. Internally, Ion Mineral Clay supports the body in reducing the effects of dysentery, stomach ulcers, leaky gut and pain.

For cosmetic use, the clay can be used to make a facial mask, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and body wash, as it supports the body's ability to tighten pores, reduce infections and clear acne.  It also supports the body in increasing endurance and physical stamina, while promoting immunity and supporting inflammation. Ion Mineral Clay supports a nutrient-rich diet for overall health and wellness. 

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