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  • Ultimate Wellness Support - 28 pkt
The Ultimate Essentials Pack includes key components of health for total wellness.

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Our Essentials formula supports the body's natural, powerful energy from the inside out. These capsules contain a comprehensive blend of probiotics, omegas, vitamins and minerals. Never before has such a complete powerhouse of nutritional “necessities” been assembled. This all-in-one pack has combined the key components of health, from powerful building blocks of nutrition, to cutting-edge products that promote health and wellness. This formula contains the following dynamic ingredients:

Multi-VitaMin (Complex which includes more than 100 vitamins and minerals)

Krill Omega (One of the most potent natural Pure Antarctic Krill/Omega oils on the market)

Greens Complex (A “Power Punch” of greens, containing a perfect food combination)

Vegie Zymes (Our complete vegetable enzyme complex created to digest all types of food)

Adaptostym (The original Adaptogen formulation, fighting stress and improving health levels)

Immu-Guard (Loaded with more than 43 botanicals designed to enhance immune function)

Flora Norm (12- strain probiotic complex that supports immune and healthy gut balance)

Toco Rejuve (Mother of all antioxidants, supports physical and mental well-being and supports slowing down the aging process)

 We removed the need to haul around eight different bottles of vitamins and minerals, replacing it with our single bottle of Essentials. A handy and convenient way to ensure proper nutritional support, this formula supports your body’s quest for optimum health. 

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