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The brain is the great communicator for the body. If it’s not functioning properly, the body cannot coordinate, causing mobility, memory and general operation to quickly disintegrate. These formulas support memory and healthy brain function.

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Prep Tonic Prgm
A 10-day mild, yet comprehensive detoxification program.
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Omega 3 Marine Lipid
Omega 3 Fatty acids that support the body in promoting eye health, brain development and skin cell regeneration.
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Mental Clarity Extra
Supports the brain in clearer thinking, reasoning, mental alertness and energy.
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Krill Omega
Contains a rich supply of DHA and EPA attached in phospholipid form, which is more absorbable for the body which means... more DHA and EPA.
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Calm Atten (60)
This formula is specifically designed to support the body with attention disorders.